Camino Portugués por la Costa - BAIONA

This pilgrimage route was very important in the Middle Ages and was used by pilgrims from the westernmost lands of Portugal, among which include those from overseas countries who arrived to the Portuguese ports to reach Compostela.

From Portugal they crossed the River Minho to A Pasaxe boat in A Guarda, O Rosal continuing on to the Monastery of Oia. From there, they continued to Baiona, Nigrán and Vigo up to Redondela, where this way came together with Portuguese Way from Tui.

The Portuguese Camino de la Costa maintains this route, along the 147 km, the pilgrim will have to travel to get from A Guarda to Santiago de Compostela.

In Baiona, the Camino de la Costa, offers the trekker varied landscapes, from the mountains of Baredo through the roads in the neighborhood of San Anton, the narrow streets of the old town, in the center of Baiona or the old royal road linking O Burgo and Santa Cristina until the Roman bridge of Ramallosa, and always with the sea very close to our tour.

From here, nearly 115 km separate the pilgrim of their destiny. Along the 9.7 km walking the Villa, the walker will find many monuments: the Chapel of Santa Liberata with an image of equestrian Santiago inside the Ex - Collegiate Church of Santa Maria, with several images of the Holy Apostle, Sancti Spiritus the hospital, old hospital of poor and sick who gave hospitality to pilgrims, the source of Ceta, cruise Holy Trinity, the source of Pombal,

Baiona is a good place to make a stop along the way, as close to the route we will find the most important monuments of the Villa as the Fortress of Monterreal, the replica of the caravel Pinta or Virgin of the Rocks, not to mention beaches, located within walking distance of the track. In addition the town has numerous hotels and catering establishments to rest and regain strength

Where seal the credential: in the parish house at City Hall or the Tourist Office of Baiona.

Where to stay: Baiona has no shelter for pilgrims but its hotel offer is wide. Nearest Hostels: Aguncheiro (Oia) and Pazo de Pious - Nigrán.

Characteristics of Walking routes

  • Path environment Camino de Santiago along the coast