Faro Silleiro - BAIONA

Silleiro Lighthouse

In 1866 Silleiro lighthouse, located in cape Silleiro in the parish of Baredo, was inaugurated. Its very first fuel was a vegetable oil wick lamp. In 1909 a petroleum lamp was installed.

August 3rd, 1924: the new building up in the mountain was inaugurated -85 metres above the sealevel and 250 metres apart from seashore in point A Negra. The lighthouse tower is annexed to the West façade of the building. In the surrounding area the ruins of a Spanish Army battery with blocked guns can be seen.

Since 1960 the lighthouse has a 3,000-watt lamp seen from 40 miles away in bright days.

A few years earlier a siren, a 200-mile-range, 310.3 A2-frequency electronic transmitter and 25-km-range lenses had been installed for plane guiding purposes.

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