Playa de Os Frades - BAIONA

Os Frades means "the monks". Sometime ago there was a Franciscan convent inside the fortress and the monks used to have baths in this beach. The monks, who left by mid 19th century, reached the beach through a door in the wall, still kept today. The beach is, as the neighbouring A Concheira, airy, with clear waters and thick sand grains.

  • Localisation: East wall of the Monterreal fortress
  • Acceso: no núcleo urbano
  • Extension: 80 metres
  • Material: Dark sand.
  • Ocupación temporada estival: media

Characteristics of Beaches

  • Access Pedestrian
  • Sand Type Gruesa
  • Distance to the nearest town in the town
  • Orientation south
  • Dimensions 80 m
  • Shower Yes
  • blue flag Yes
  • nearest medical facility Yes
  • Accessibility for disabled Yes
  • washroom Yes
  • Litter bins Yes
  • Housekeeping Yes
  • Food establishments Yes
  • Drinking establishments Yes
  • nudist beach No