Sendero de los Petroglifos - BAIONA
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Circular route of 16.2 km in length, with a medium / high, ideal for people already experienced in the activity of hiking and want to enjoy the high mountain and ethnographic elements difficulty.

Start the route starting from the tourist office and across the entire park to Palma, we passed the statue of Pinzon. Following the coast, about 200 meters left, we enter an esplanade where we begin to climb to the Via Dolorosa Virgin of the Rocks.

We continue our route passing over the highway bridge where begins a steep slope of asphalt, about 700 meters, until you reach a turnoff to the right that leads to the school Fontes. From here, we continue up on dirt roads to the playground of Chan da Lagoa (alt. 335 m.) Where we can hydrate at its source before continuing to the medieval village of San Cosme. At about 300 meters, turn right and ascend for an old paved road where we begin to enjoy a new view of Baiona and its estuary, that will change as we walk. Reaching the 10 km, maximum altitude of our route (430 m.), Can admire four of the Rías (Baiona, Vigo, Pontevedra and Arousa). Turn left to start our descent along a paved road, where you can still see the ruts left by the carts, reaching the foot of the Rock Station "Outeiros two Lameiros" composed of petroglyphs of more than 4000 years old.

We continue down to the place inhabited Os Eidos where we will have at our disposal a second source. A lack of 3 km to our final destination will skirt the church of Santa Marina de Baina (S. XII) and continue along the road to access, on the left, which leads to the magnificent Holy Trinity cruise where we will enter the town historical monument of Baiona. From here we arrive at the starting point to enjoy a deserved rest.

Length: 16.2 km.

Estimated time: 4.30 hours.

Type of trail: Circular.

Difficulty level: Medium / High.

Characteristics of Walking routes

  • Distance of the entire route 16 kms
  • Circular route Yes